Tax-deductible donations now possible for our USA donors

Qhubeka is thrilled to announce that we are now able to accept tax-deductible donations from USA donors in partnership with CAF America.

As a US public charity, CAF America is able to accept donations from US donors, who can then recommend that CAF America use those funds to support Qhubeka, and CAF America will make these grants to us. The donations made in this way are 100% tax deductible, and they will receive a tax receipt from CAF America for the full amount of their donation.

If you’re living in the USA and would like to make a tax-deductible donation to Qhubeka through CAF America, here’s how it works:

By cheque (check):

  1. Write a cheque payable to CAF America
  2. Fill in the gift form
  3. Mail the cheque and gift form to:

CAF America
1800 Diagonal Road, Suite 150
Alexandria, V
A 22314

On the CAF America website:

  1. Visit the Qhubeka page on the CAF America website
  2. Click “Donate Now”
  3. Fill out the form and click “Submit”
  4. Enter credit card information and click “Submit”
  5. Wait for the confirmation page – do not re-click submit or refresh the page as you may be additionally charged
  6. An e-mail confirmation will be sent to you for tax deduction purposes.

Qhubeka believes this partnership is another way we can support our USA donors and we hope they will enjoy the benefits of tax-deductible donations. This partnership means that we can now offer tax-deductible donation receipts to donors in South Africa and the USA. We are currently working on expanding this offering into more regions around the world.