Thank you to our 2015 Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge riders!

Thank you to everyone who rode the 947 Cycle Challenge for Qhubeka on 15 November 2015, those that supported them, and the whole team behind them that made this campaign a success. We’re still working out the final figures of the funds raised, but we just wanted to say that we really appreciate your support.

Our 947 squad this year was:

  • Alan Bullock
  • Alexis Mechanicos
  • Andre Joubert
  • Andre Verster
  • Barry Mocke
  • Bianca Cooper
  • Bradley Turkington
  • Brendon Wilson
  • Brenton Meerholtz
  • Brian Leshnick
  • Brian Rowbotham
  • Bruce Anderson
  • Carol Fitzhenry
  • Chad Ransby
  • Chris Valstar
  • Christopher Grundberg
  • Cliff Duncan
  • Clint Meerholtz
  • Colin Cooper
  • Craig Brunsden
  • Craig Meyer
  • Damon Kalvari
  • Darryl Oberstyn
  • david Rawlinson
  • David Vermeulen
  • Debbie Ransby
  • Gail Rowbotham
  • Gareth Tudor
  • Garth Duncan
  • Gaylene Campbell
  • Greg Carver
  • Greg Judin
  • Guy Rice
  • Hamish James
  • Irma Lang
  • Janine Rawlinson
  • Jarad Van Zydam
  • Jemima Bruiners
  • John Patterson
  • Lance Williams
  • Marco Carleo
  • Mario Gasparri
  • Miles Crisp
  • Neil Frazer
  • Nicholas Mechanicos
  • Nicholas Meyjes
  • Peppe Brummer
  • Richard Tunstall
  • Rob Mailich
  • Robert Spoon
  • Robin Wagner
  • Simon Brinkmann
  • Stuart Rawlinson
  • Tarren Meyer
  • Taryn Kerr
  • Travis Robson
  • Tyrone Springer

We’d also like to give a special shout-out to those who did the race on a Buffalo Bicycle! We profiled Colin Cooper here, and we’d like to introduce you to another regular supporter of Qhubeka – Brad Turkington.

Bradley Turkington

Brad is a full-time businessman and a part-time spinning instructor. “I got into spinning by default when the gym I go to did not have an instructor for the early morning slot,” he explains. “Ten years later I am still taking two classes a week. When I realised this was going to be something more than just a ‘fill-in’ instructor role I decided to turn what was a hobby, which became a job, into a worthwhile cause. After several years of donating my ‘spinning money’ to a variety of very important causes, I came across Qhubeka and found it ticked all my boxes. The fact that it linked cycling to education, empowerment, and upliftment – all these things are important to me.”

Three years ago, Brad decided to challenge himself and ride a Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle in some of the cycle races in which he planned to ride. “In 2013, with lots of anticipation of unknown,  I embarked on my 12th 947, this time on my Buffalo Bicycle, joining the guys from FRIB who were also on Buffaloes. They encouraged me all the way and showed me a different side to the race. Thanks to them I have been back on my Buffalo Bicycle every year since.”

Bradley Turkington 1

Brad has roped in numerous friends and members of his spinning class to support Qhubeka.  “It’s thanks to their support that I have been able to solicit their help in continuing to donate more and more bikes,” says Brad. “I have met so many interesting people along the way (including having the privilege of meeting and riding on and off with Colin on this year’s ride, which was special and motivating to hear what he has done on his Buffalo Bicycle). I’ve also had time to enjoy the company of other people riding for a cause and learn about their charities as well as enlighten them on what Qhubeka is all about. My bike with the wicker basket serves as a great icebreaker as I am frequently asked about its contents and where the picnic is. The music just helps me to keep peddling (maybe the influence of spinning).”

Brad used to ride a new bicycle for every major race he did. “Now I am just riding the same one, but I buy a new bike for every race that I ride and donate it directly to Qhubeka through the system.”

Brad has ridden the Amashova and the 947 on his Buffalo Bicycle. This year, he’ll tackle the Cape Town Cycle Challenge too.

When asked about why he loves being on a bike, Brad says that when he’s out on the road or in the country it’s about the freshness of the early morning, the enjoyment of being with friends and the challenge of the climbs that lie ahead. “Getting on the Buffalo Bicycle together with the buzz of a race just takes that sense of enjoyment to another level,” he adds.

“It is so encouraging seeing the amount of people that come out in support of a variety of charities this year at the 947, but most uplifting thing is the number of young people that are riding for a purpose. Many of them put their competitiveness aside for a day during the year to ride for a completely different reason – for someone else or something else. It gives one a completely different sense of achievement. That is what it is all about.”

Thanks, Brad, and everyone else who chose to Ride for a Purpose with Qhubeka this year! You have helped us to fund more bicycle for people whose lives will be changed through receiving them!