Thank you to our June 2015 donors and fundraisers!

Thank you to everyone who donated to Qhubeka or raised funds for us in the month of June 2015. Without you, we could not mobilise people with bicycles and change their lives forever. Thank you for making our work possible.

Thank you to the following individuals and organisations:

  • Chris Kerfoot
  • Chrissie Carey
  • David Connor
  • Donncha Redmond
  • Etienne & Liana Steenkamp
  • Eulogy Van Dyk
  • Fernando Sattaur
  • Frazer Coupland
  • Frederic Slemeck
  • Frederick Pilch
  • James Loute
  • Johann Erasmus
  • Justin Kingley
  • Leah Missbach Day
  • Louren Young
  • Luke Molloy
  • Met Spa
  • Michael Bonn
  • Patricia Glover
  • Peter Lemon
  • Ruth Duke
  • Scott Thorpe
  • Terry Miller
  • Yolanda McLean

Thank you for supporting Qhubeka!

If you would like to make a donation to Qhubeka, you can do so here, using our secure donations portal.

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