Tour de Braai distributes bicycles to schoolchildren in Calitzdorp

Today, 60 children in Calitzdorp in the Western Cape received new, locally made Qhubeka Bicycles thanks to Tour de Braai and Investec.

Tour de Braai – Travel on Gravel, is a bespoke cycling stage ride in South Africa and is also a luxury braai (BBQ) holiday. Tour de Braai aims to give participants a few great days of touring, holiday, braai and riding a bicycle through beautiful parts of South Africa.

Qhubeka Charity has partnered with Investec and Tour de Braai to develop a lasting bicycle mobility programme in the communities that the Tour de Braai visits. This year it was decided to kick off this programme in Calitzdorp and into the secondary school based in the town. Many learners from the school live outside the town and have to commute the +/- 2km to school on foot every day. Bicycles will improve their mobility and afford these learners better access to school and other services.

“The Tour de Braai distribution is such a lovely event because it brings together people who are celebrating the beauty of South Africa’s landscapes and food, the joy of riding a bicycle and the potential we all have to make a difference in the lives of others,” says Tsatsi Phaweni, Qhubeka Executive Director.

“The bicycles being distributed to the schoolchildren of Calitzdorp will help these children to get to school more quickly and regularly, as well as improving their access to other services, like shops and sports. At Qhubeka, we like to say that hope travels on two wheels, and I think that will be evident to everyone at the distribution today. This is just the beginning, however, and at Qhubeka we’re looking forward to working with the communities in Calitzdorp and our partners over the long term to develop a sustainable bicycle programme in this region, to help more people move forward with bicycles.”