The bicycle can change a life

Wilro Lions Cycle Challenge break the cycle of poverty

There will be more to this year’s Wilro Lions Cycle Challenge than winning come Sunday 21 April.

This after organisers of the Wilro Lions Cycle Challenge confirmed that a percentage of the profits made will be donated towards the MTN Qhubeka initiative.

Information released by MTN says that the MTN Qhubeka project embodies MTN’s commitment to breaking the cycle of poverty while investing in the youth of South Africa.

According to them, twelve million South African children walk to school each day, and five hundred thousand of them do so for more than four every day.

MTN Qhubeka aims to help rural communities move forward and progress by giving bicycles to children in return for work done to improve their environments and their communities.

MTN explains further that “We’re making a positive change to people all across South Africa. It’s not only the children who benefit, but also their immediate communities and South Africa as a whole, who will enjoy a cleaner, greener future, filled with opportunities that only education can provide.”

MTN explains how it all comes together?

Children can earn a bicycle by either planting a tree or collecting recyclable waste.

Plant a tree:

• Seeds, grow and return — Children collect seeds from any of the 30 Qhubeka hubs located across South Africa and grow them into healthy seedlings. With the support of Qhubeka mentors and with practical assistance, each child grows 100 seedlings until they are 30cm tall. Once each child has successfully grown 100 seedlings to a height of 30cm, he or she returns these seedlings to the Qhubeka hub.


• Collect and weigh in — Children work towards earning a bike by helping to clean their communities and collecting urban waste. Each child must collect 1 000kg of waste material from his or her surrounding areas and bring it to the Qhubeka hub for retrieval. Not only does this serve wider communities by helping to keep the environment clean, but also teaches a philosophy of recycling and responsibility.

Children who successfully grow 100 seedlings or collect 1 000kg of recycling waste will earn themselves a brand-new MTN-Qhubeka bike, a strong and durable bicycle designed by World Bicycle Relief for the harshest African conditions.

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