Zondo - Green Jersey

Zondo – Green Jersey

“The Qhubeka bicycle changed my life.”

Zondo’s bicycle helps her to get to school on time and has reduced her commute time from 70 minutes to 40 minutes. She also uses her bicycle to go to the shops and to run errands for her parents. “The bicycle is helping me to keep my body fit and fresh,” she says, adding that riding her bicycle is a positive hobby that keeps her from doing “bad things” like smoking.

“One day I would like to join the traffic police,” she says. “I know that many people underestimate this choice, but I believe that if you like what you are doing, then you will not have any problems.”

The green jersey is worn by the leading sprinter at the TdF. At Qhubeka, we know there’s no magical quick fix to solve South Africa’s persistent poverty and widespread inequality and unemployment. However, bicycles are a cost-effective and immediate means of beginning to address the key challenge of a lack of personal mobility in the country. While it’s not a sprint to solve the transport challenges, bicycles can play an important role as part of the greater solution.