People earn bicycles through Qhubeka’s different programmes.

Our programmes are based throughout South Africa and are implemented in communities by Qhubeka’s partners.

We offer five main types of programmes:


/ Schoolchildren earn bicycles by committing to improve their school attendance and performance.

/ Bicycles make it easier and faster to get to school.

“I’ve noticed that my life has really changed because I am no longer a late comer and I now have time to do things that every child does but I never experienced on my own.” – Sithembile


/ Bicycles assist with more visible and effective security patrols which boosts the safety for everyone.

“With the bicycle I move from one point to another, from point A to point B to point C without being told which transport to use. I just wake up, take my helmet and go wherever I want to go. It makes life easier. I don’t ask anyone for transport and just go!

My bicycle has enabled me to protect my community.” – Themba, Orlando CPF


/ Adults can earn bicycles by making crafts

/ Crochet blankets, scarfs and beanies

/ Cow Bells

“By walking I would take hours to get to shops and visit friends, but with my bicycle I can drive to the shop to buy food for my children. All of my children can also drive my bicycle to get out or to go to school.” – Elisa


/ Qhubeka sports programmes provide access to sports activities.

/ Encourage people to be fit, healthy and active.

“These Qhubeka Bicycles will add immense value to help the younger Change a Life Academy athletes to commute a lot quicker from home to school and back.” – Martin Dreyer, Founder of Change a Life Academy


/ Recycling waste and planting trees are also ways for adults to earn bicycles.

/ Ecobricks are made by saving, segregating and packing plastics into bottles, to create building blocks. Children at participating schools compete to create the most Ecobricks. Winners receive Qhubeka Bicycles.


/ A bicycle helps:

/ A health worker to visit more patients

/ Communities to access clinics more easily

“Since we started using bicycles we were able to reach many households in a short period of time. Also condom distribution which has improved in the Alexander community and health workers are able to carry at least 2 boxes each daily.” – Alexander Health Programme


/ Youth, adults and NEETs can earn bicycles in various other ways. For example, some of our bicycle recipients run a community bicycle tourism business, while others develop urban food gardens.