Qhubeka and loveLife have partnered to deliver the groundBREAKER Mobility Project, which will see loveLife youth volunteers mobilised with Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycles. The programme aims to help the loveLife volunteers, known as groundBREAKERs and mpintshis, to implement community programmes more effectively and efficiently through the use of bicycles.

loveLife is an organisation promoting youth leadership through on-the-ground healthy sexuality, positive lifestyle and skills development programmes aimed at building complete young leaders. It uses a youth development approach that addresses various social challenges, including gender-based violence, access to opportunity, alcohol and drug abuse, unplanned pregnancy, HIV and AIDS, school drop-out and social and structural factors that contribute to young people being tolerant of risky behaviour. For more information, visit www.lovelife.org.za.

Download the groundBREAKER Mobility Project brochure here.


Other Qhubeka Health initiatives

By providing bicycles to healthcare workers, Qhubeka Health facilitates focused healthcare work with Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), as well as home-based patient care.

Healthcare workers can visit more than double the number of patients per day with a Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle, which means that access to care services and caregiver visits increases in Qhubeka Health project communities.