Real Bicycle Co. Manufacturing Facility

Bicycle Manufacturing Facility

Real Bicycle Co. designs and manufactures bicycles in South Africa, for the world. We are an end-to-end bicycle design, engineering and manufacturing business, and wholly owned by the Qhubeka Charity.  When you buy an RBC bicycle, you’re supporting job creation, technical innovation and a deep commitment to building the best commuter bicycles in the world.

RBC uses local materials, skills and labour, and maintain control of the entire parts supply chain.

RBC is a social enterprise and relies partly on Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) funding from corporate partners, as well as value-in-kind contributions.

The brief

Our parent company, Qhubeka, wanted an improved bicycle for distribution into its programmes throughout South Africa. RBC was tasked with:

  • Improving desirability by creating an iconic silhouette
  • Improving component spec to lengthen service life
  • Designing bicycle components for local manufacture, to improve service life and create jobs
  • Reducing part count to make the bicycle easier to maintain
  • Reducing weight by at least 4kg for better handling
  • Creating a single frame size to accommodate children from 12 years up to adults
  • Ensuring load-carrying capacity of up to 100kg
  • Simplifying bicycle design to reduce production cost (the minimum number of sub-assemblies/welds)
  • Using locally sourced materials, both raw and finished
  • Creating a bicycle that is single- and six-speed transmission compatible
  • Utilising the same component standards as the previous Qhubeka bicycle (to ensure availability of parts in rural areas)
  • Improving parts integration
  • Meeting requirements for South African certificate of origination