Matthew Goniwe Memorial High School

Learn-to-earn Programmes:  Scholar Mobility These programmes are targeted at children, who earn bicycles in various ways, with different earning criteria.  Bicycles make it easier for schoolchildren to get to and from school, helping to improve their attendance and performance. Johannesburg, 7 March 2019 – On Thursday 7 March 2019, 100 schoolchildren from Matthew Goniwe Memorial

Giyani High Schools

Learn-to-earn Programmes Schoolchildren earn Qhubeka Bicycles by committing to improve their school attendance. Bicycles make it easier and faster to get to school.   Schools that have received bicycles in Giyani include: Shihlomule High School, Ndhambi High School, Semendhe High School, Zava High School, Maphusha High School, N'wa-Khada Secondary School, Chameti High School and Masiza