To get Qhubeka bicycles to the people
and communities who need them,
we follow a fairly lengthy process:

Qhubeka Process Yellow Block

  • Qhubeka’s wholly owned subsidiary, Real Bicycle Co. (RBC) designs and manufactures the Qhubeka Bicycles that are distributed into our various programmes.
  • We operate bicycle assembly facilities, which creates work and training opportunities for people in local communities in which these facilities operate.
  • Qhubeka trains mechanics in the communities in which we work. This creates economic opportunity for the mechanics, who are trained in repairing bicycles and basic business skills. Training mechanics ensures long-term sustainability of Qhubeka programmes.
  • Qhubeka, together with our partners, provides safety training to bicycle beneficiaries prior to them receiving their bicycles. This ensures beneficiaries have an understanding of basic bicycle and road safety.
  • We also build the bicycle spare part supply chain to ensure that bicycle mechanics and communities are able to access parts for repair and maintenance, ensuring the bicycles remain in use.