People earn bicycles through Qhubeka’s different programmes.

Our programmes are based throughout South Africa and are implemented in communities by Qhubeka’s partners.

We offer five main types of programmes:

Learn-to-earn Programmes

Schoolchildren earn Qhubeka Bicycles by committing to improve their school attendance. Bicycles make it easier and faster to get to school.

Work-to-earn Programmes

Adults earn Qhubeka bicycles in many ways, from growing trees to recycling waste, making crafts, volunteering with a community policing forum, or servicing bicycles.

Health Programmes

Qhubeka supplies bicycles to health workers, to help them visit more patients, and to communities to help them access clinics more easily.

Sports Programmes

Qhubeka sports programmes encourage people to be fit, healthy and active by promoting a cycling culture and providing bicycles to access other sports activities.

Disaster Relief Programmes

Qhubeka provides bicycles for first responders following a disaster. Bicycles can be used to transport life-saving services and gear.