Get your Limited Edition #BicyclesChangeLives shirt

All profits from the sale of these T-shirts go towards the #BicyclesChangeLives campaign, which aims to mobilise 5,000 schoolchildren in Africa with bicycles.

If you live in South Africa:

Order men’s shirts here or women’s shirts here. 10% discounts available to corporates, cycling clubs or groups who want to buy 20 or more t-shirts delivered to one address. Our new-look T-shirts have arrived! There are only 1000 of these limited edition shirts available, so make sure you get your orders in quickly. UPDATE: Less than 300 of these t-shirts are left!

If you live in the EU and UK:

Order your shirts here.

Rest of the world:

We are busy working to find merchandising solutions for those who want to purchase Qhubeka items outside of South Africa, Europe and the UK.

We would love to quote you on items from our South African store but please be aware that shipping can be more than the items you are wanting to purchase.

Please send your order to info@qhubeka.org

If you don’t want to buy a shirt but would like to donate to our cause.

You can donate here.


#BCL t-shirt ladies front

#BCL t-shirt ladies back

#BCL t-shirt mens front

#BCL t-shirt mens back