Kevin Benkenstein aiming for a hat trick for Qhubeka

Kevin Benkenstein is a loyal Qhubeka supporter who continues to amaze us with his energy and drive to make a difference through his #ClimbingForQhubeka fundraising projects.

In 2014, Kevin did an “Everesting” for Qhubeka (when a cyclist chooses a hill of his / her choice and rides it repeatedly in a single ride until ascending the equivalent height of Mt. Everest above sea level – 8 848m). In 2015, he topped that by riding  10 000m of elevation gain in one ride. Now, in 2016, for this third year of #ClimbingForQhubeka he’s aiming for three Everestings over three consecutive weekends in three cities around South Africa!

Kevin will be riding Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg. “I hope not to do this alone; I hope that people will join in the fun,” he says. “Whether it is for a few repeats or for a Morning Mile (1,600m of climbing) or even to go the whole hog and Everest by my side. Each ‘crew’ member that joins for a Morning Mile or an Everesting will earn a small donation towards Qhubeka from me too. I hope to raise 30 bikes in this way, through the kindness of others, to enable 30 families to find a better future through the power of bicycles. Bicycles change lives. They changed mine and they can change many more with your help. Let’s make a difference.”

Kevin will be Everesting in Cape Town on 10 September, Johannesburg on 17 September and Durban on 24 September.

Support Kevin’s project here or follow him on Twitter.