Kevin Benky gear choice 2014 Everesting

Meet some of our awesome #QhubekaActivists

Every once in awhile, we like to show off our fundraisers because they are a special bunch of people who do amazing things, all in the name of mobilising more people with bicycles. Here are two people who are going above and beyond (quite literally) for Qhubeka:

Peter Gazzard (aka Pedalling


Peter has embarked on an epic five-year trip around the world by bicycle, and is raising funds for Qhubeka as he goes. He’s currently in Laos, having started in the UK, and will finish eventually in South Africa. “When I was younger, I was fortunate that my parents were able to buy me a bicycle,” writes Peter. “Not only did this provide me with a means of transport, it also provided a fun way of staying fit and healthy. It gave me a certain amount of freedom which I would not have otherwise had. “Today, the bicycle is my main means of travel while exploring this wide and wonderful world that we live in. I am able to see far more of the countries I am visiting by cycling from place to place. It is also giving me the opportunity to interact with the local people in their environment. I am st

aying fit while travelling. A further benefit is the minute carbon footprint that I am leaving behind. “I have been looking for a charity to support that can benefit from my travels. Numerous ones have come to mind, but, did not seem to fit in well with what I am doing. While reading an article on the Team MTN-Qhubeka p/b Samsung Tour de France cycling team, the answer came to me. I would like to support the Qhubeka initiative to raise money to supply bicycles for the needy children in South Africa.” Peter anticipates that he will ride about 100 000km over the course of his trip. To support him by making a donation, which will help us to mobilise more people with bicycles, visit his Givengain Activist page.

Kevin Benkenstein

Last year, Kevin “Everested” for Qhubeka. Everesting is when a cyclist chooses a hill of his / her choice and rides it repeatedly in a single ride until ascending the equivalent height of Mt. Everest above sea level – 8,848m. This year, Kevin is fundraising for us again, but doing something even bigger!

“Last year I Everested Old Howick Road for Qhubeka, this year I will try do something a little bit harder: 10,000m of elevation gain in one ride,” he explains. “This has been a dream of mine for a while, now is the time to do it, and on 26 September 2015 I will.

“Everesting requires a special type of motivation to achieve, one that cannot just be self centred. For me the motivation comes from a great cause: Qhubeka. I will be riding to raise bikes for Children to use to get to school and to get something all of us need and deserve: an education.”

To support Kevin by making a donation towards his project, visit his Givengain page. Follow him on Twitter (@KevBenky) to keep up with his adventures.

Climbing For Qhubeka infographic (2)